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Ideal Protein

Losing weight requires more than just a plan to decrease how much you eat. You oftentimes need to consider how your body actually processes what you eat, and the consequences that occur when you choose to eat certain foods. At the Tacoma Chiropractic Center, we take into consideration how your body processes carbs. That's why we offer you access to Ideal Protein, a revolutionary diet plan that works with your body.

ideal protein plan for losing weight in tacoma

Definition of Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a diet plan created by a physician whose primary focus has centered on nutrition throughout his career. His core belief encompasses the idea that insulin dysfunction will cause weight gain and therefore, centered the diet around the fact that people tend to eat more unhealthy sugars and saturated fats than protein.

The high number of carbohydrates a person intakes cause a spike in blood sugar resulting in the pancreas trying to compensate by producing insulin. When a person has too much insulin, they may become hypoglycemic causing sugar cravings and potentially weight gain. Insulin plays a role in transporting triglycerides into the fat cells. When it forces the fat in, it prohibits the body using it as a source of energy. This causes sugar cravings since the body is down yet another source of energy due to insulin.

The Ideal Protein in Tacoma diet helps the body to run off of fat and protein by depleting the stored carbohydrates. An Ideal Protein diet consists of foods rich in high-quality protein, so your body absorbs them more efficiently. This diet protects muscle mass while you're trying to lose weight. A professional will also prescribe vitamins to ensure you're receiving an adequate amount of nutrition.

Ideal Protein Consultation

Choosing Ideal Protein

If you're evaluating your options for a diet plan, you may want to consider the Ideal Protein diet. A specialist will make the adequate changes to help you lose weight and also continue keeping the weight off. The Ideal Protein diet foods aren't your standard flavorless, cardboard-textured dishes. The foods in this diet are tasty and includes chocolate snack bars, chips and pasta, all loaded with flavor and nutrients.

The concept behind the diet centers on how your body actually utilizes the different forms of energy. With this diet, you will deplete the stored carbohydrates in your body for the last 72 hours. After this period, you will then be on track to start losing weight and incorporating the diet into your life on a long-term basis. The diet consists of patient education to help you understand the necessary changes for the program to be effective. Guidance from our chiropractor is provided throughout the whole process to help you succeed.

We Are Your Access to Ideal Protein in Tacoma

As your local chiropractor office in Tacoma, we will help you access the diet program and lose weight safely and effectively. All you have to do is contact the Tacoma Chiropractic Center, serving Tacoma, Washington and the surrounding area, at (253) 759-1500.

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